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Did you Know - Disability Toilets & Obtaining an MLAK Key

Did You Know

When you plan a day out is it too difficult when there are no disabled toilets around, and worse still there are very few toilets that have hoists and adult change facilities? Did You Know Changing Places is a website that uses google maps to show you where toilets are located that have the following facilities: a height-adjustable adult-sized change table, a constant-charging ceiling track hoist system, an automatic door with a wide opening for wheel chairs, and a privacy screen.
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Betomorrow is an app available for android and Apple hardware that finds the closest toilets near you

Some of these toilets need a Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia key (MLAA) to gain access. These keys are available from How to Obtain an MLAK Key – Access Ability Australia for $20

Did You Know these are the same keys that are needed to unlock and use Liberty Swings that are in many playgrounds. Here is where you can find Liberty Swings in Australia and around the world: