The Ponds School

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Personal Development, Health, Physical Education (PDHPE) is one of the mandatory Key Learning Areas for all students from K-10 that is programmed at our school. We have sport and physical activity programs for children with our focus being on fundamental movement skills. It involves students learning and practising ways of maintaining active and healthy lifestyles. They learn about an active lifestyle, dance, growth and development, gymnastics, interpersonal relationships, personal health choices and safe living. 

We program movement play with sensory integration using a variety of equipment including trampolines, scooter boards, wobble boards, swings and various therapy balls. Playground activities are actively promoted and students spend their break time in the playground area for supervised structured and unstructured play where they learn and develop appropriate play skills. 

Our students enjoy community access visits to a variety of recreational parks, zoos, aquariums and fun days along with swimming, hydrotherapy and water safety in our hydrotherapy pool. We actively participate in the Premiers Sporting Challenge and the School Swim Program. 

Sport and physical activity is an important factor in every student's life and here at The Ponds, staff encourage participation, skill development and enjoyment as part of our PDHPE program.