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Positive Behavior for Learning

Leaping forward by

What is PBL?

PBL stands for ‘Positive Behaviour for Learning'. It is about learning to be great members of our school community by learning to be responsible for our own actions, learning and belongings. Through PBL we learn the skills that will make us successful at school and in the community.

What are our school expectations?

At The Ponds School, we learn, we care and we are safe. We practice doing this in the classroom, in the playground, when learning in different places in the school and in the community.

How do we teach our students to be safe, caring and great learners?

We model appropriate behaviour by showing students videos, photographs and talking about what we want to see students doing. We draw attention to students who are doing the right thing by rewarding them with stamps, stickers and praise. We talk about how to be safe, caring and a great learner in assembly. We also have lots of posters up around the school and in our classrooms which feature students from across the school being safe, caring and learning. We have high expectations that all our students are able to be successful at school and in the community!

How does our PBL awards system work?

When students are being safe, caring or great learners they earn stamps for their froggy chart.

5 Froggy Charts = 1 PBL Principal's Certificate

5 PBL Principal's Certificates = 1 Bronze Award

10 PBL Principal's Certificates = 1 Silver Award

15 PBL Principal's Certificates = 1 Gold Award

2 Gold Awards = 1 Platinum Award

What does the school do about inappropriate behaviour?

At The Ponds School we have a strong positive focus on teaching students what we want them to do and we look at each student as an individual. We teach positive behaviour just as we do any other subject. As learners, we all have different support needs when learning at some time in our lives. When students need extra support with learning positive behaviour, we provide extra practice (either individually or in a small group). We may talk with parents and therapists to work out how to better support students at school, in the community and at home. We may need to develop extra resources (such as social stories, visual reminders and personalized reward systems) and we may need to adjust a student's program or learning.

Visitors will notice signs, photographs and posters in and around the school grounds as we encourage students at The Ponds School to always 

Leap Forward by Caring, Learning and Being Safe.