The Ponds School

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Health Care

At The Ponds School, a health care plan must be completed for any student who:

  • Requires medication to be administered at school on a permanent or long-term basis and/or
  • Requires gastrostomy feeds and/or
  • Is diagnosed with epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, anaphylaxis, suffers from seizures or has any other diagnosed medical condition requiring health care procedures at the school

An emergency action plan must be completed for any student that:

  • requires emergency medication
  • requires gastrostomy peg feeds and/or medication via port
  • suffers from seizures

Emergency action plans are displayed on the classroom wall in the same place in each room. They have a red background. These are signed by parents and teachers and follow guidelines as per doctor's directions. These plans also travel with students whenever they leave the school grounds. Copies are also filed in the office and on the student's digital file.

Medication is administered by staff with appropriate training. All staff are trained in anaphylaxis, CPR, Asthma and Emergency Care. School Learning Support Officers are all trained in health care procedures and are responsible for gastrostomy peg management and administering of medication.