The Ponds School

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Creative Arts

At The Ponds School, we pride ourselves on delivering well thought out and prepared programs that not only meet curriculum requirements but also add value and meaning to our students' lives, the Visual Arts programs are no different. The Art programs give our students exposure to the art world, old and new but also give them the right tools to study, analyse and create artworks that are subjective, cultural, post-modern and structural.

They become critical thinkers as they learn the intentions of artists around the world and in Australia.

They become artists as they learn to create subjective artworks using different mediums and express their thoughts, feelings and ideas. We strive to continually challenge our students to step outside of themselves and into the creative realm. Be sure to keep a lookout during 2018 for exhibition dates to come and see our array of talent.

At the Ponds School, we also have many students involved in our signing Choir. The Signing Choir experience involves teamwork and dedication as the students need to attend practice. Each week students expand their sign vocabulary as we learn new songs. Students practice these signs by using them as a means of communication in and around the school and incidentally teach the signs to other students. Students participate in performances on stage in front of a large audience and have the opportunity to integrate with choirs from other schools. Our Signing Choir does a wonderful job of representing our school in the community.