The Ponds School

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Science is one of the mandatory six key learning areas within the NSW K-6 syllabus. Students at The Ponds School are exposed to the same syllabus and curriculum content as all students in NSW. The programs are modified to suit the individual needs of our students. Skills learnt to allow the students the opportunity to ask questions, make observations and generate their own ideas about scientific concepts. They are encouraged to investigate and experiment through play as well as trial and error. The activities are designed to be fun, interesting and motivating to students. As a school, we have enjoyed the whole science days with amazing incursions such as the wondrous Planetarium and explosive Weather and Airshow. We even created our own Science show, with each class set up their own station to demonstrate a concept they had been focusing on through the year. For a whole session, classes got to travel around the school with their peers and parents to explore each station and concept. These experiences have proved hugely beneficial for our students, inspiring their interest and promoting their engagement in this key learning area.

Technology and The Ponds School

At The Ponds School, we are aware of how large a role technology will play in the lives of our students as 21st-century learners. No longer are our classrooms limited by the resources available in that particular room. All our classrooms at The Ponds School are part of a global classroom and have access to resources that support our students learning from around the world.

We strive to provide our students with the necessary skills to utilise the technology that they have available to them. Our teachers at The Ponds are also utilising the latest technologies to enable our students in ways that were not possible for them in the past.

Each classroom has been equipped with an interactive whiteboard, desktop computers and an iPad to assist students to achieve their learning goals. However, throughout the school, there are many other forms of technology being used.

Set out below is just some of the large variety of software and hardware used at the school

  • Switch adapted toys
  • Boardmaker
  • Switch adapted appliances
  • Choose it Maker - Literacy
  • Big Mac Switches
  • Choose it Maker - Numeracy
  • Wireless switches
  • SwitchIt Jigsaw Maker 2
  • Story Sequencing boards
  • Judy Lyn Software
  • A variety of devices to assist communication
  • Big Keys Keyboard
  • Go Talk's
  • All turn it Spinner
  • Picture & Video recording devices
  • Spheros
  • Lego WeDo2.0